• The JD Group is a leading multichannel retailer of sports and outdoor fashion brands. The business is a significant contributor and collector of taxes including employment taxes, indirect taxes, corporate income taxes and property related taxes.

    The JD Group is committed to complying with tax law and practice in all territories in which it operates, including the UK, which is its main place of business.

    1. Attitude Towards Tax Planning

    When structuring commercial activities, consideration is given, along with other factors, to the prevailing tax laws in the relevant jurisdiction.

    Any tax planning undertaken has commercial and economic substance and will utilise available tax incentives, reliefs and exemptions in line with, and in the spirit of, the governing tax legislation.

    The Group aims to ensure that it pays the right amount of tax in each country in which it operates and does not engage in arrangements which are artificial or contrived.

    Transactions between Group companies are undertaken in accordance with current OECD principles.

    2. Level of Tax Risk Accepted

    The JD Group is a multinational organisation and, as such, may be exposed to a variety of tax risks.

    The Group identifies, evaluates, manages and monitors tax risks where appropriate and strives to be low risk.

    Where there is significant uncertainty or complexity in relation to risk, external advice may be sought from professional advisors and discussed with the relevant tax authority.

    3. Approach to Dealing with Tax Authorities

    The Group is committed to working in a collaborative and transparent way with the tax authorities in the countries in which it operates in order to minimise the risk of challenge and dispute.

    In the UK, the Group is in regular dialogue with its Customer Relationship Manager at HMRC to update them on significant transactions, changes in the business and to seek advice at an early stage in respect of any tax issues.

    4. Approach to Tax Risk Management and Governance Arrangements

    The Group has a dedicated in-house team that has responsibility for Corporate Tax, Employment Taxes, VAT, Customs and Duties. All hold the appropriate professional qualifications commensurate to their role and responsibilities.

    The Group Chief Financial Officer, in conjunction with his role as Senior Accounting Officer, owns the approach to tax which is approved by the Board of Directors.

    The Group Head of Tax is responsible for implementing, maintaining and reviewing the supporting policies to mitigate tax risk and ensure compliance.