• Supply Chain/Modern Slavery


    The JD Group recognises the importance of protecting our environment and is committed to carrying out our activities with due consideration for their environmental impact, particularly with regards to ensuring the efficient use of resources and materials, minimising waste and ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and best codes of practice.

    More information on what the JD Group is doing to improve sustainability within its supply chain can be found via its most recent Annual Report.

    Ethical Sourcing

    The JD Sports Plc Code of Conduct is contained in our private label Supplier Terms and Conditions and the minimum standards are defined below. The Group will only work with those suppliers who are committed to working to our standard which follows those set out by the International Labour Organisation.

    JD Code of Conduct: Minimum Standards

    • Employment is freely chosen – there must be no forced labour, bonded or involuntary
    • Freedom of Association and the right to collective bargaining must be respected
    • Working conditions are safe and hygienic
    • Child labour will not be used
    • Living wages are paid in line with local laws and for a standard working week, overtime must be paid at premium rate
    • Working hours must not be excessive and must be voluntary
    • No discrimination
    • Regular employment is provided
    • No harsh or inhumane treatment is tolerated
    • The health and safety of workers is paramount in all areas of our business, direct or otherwise.
    The Group continues to review its policies on ethical sourcing on a regular basis. We continuously assess factory ethical and quality management and work with our suppliers to improve conditions in our factories.

    To find out more about what we are doing to protect the people who work within our supply chain, please read our Modern Slavery Report which can be found on this website under the Modern Slavery section.