• Global Expansion

    The Group’s principal JD fascia is widely recognised as the leading retailer of branded and own brand sports fashion apparel and footwear in the UK and Ireland. Increasingly, the JD fascia is attracting a similar reputation internationally with further significant expansion in both mainland Europe and Asia Pacific together with its first store presence in the United States following our acquisition of the Finish Line business.

    Extending the global reach of our JD fascia provides a solid platform for further growth and helps foster the supplier relationships, both existing and new, through which we access new and exciting products, increasing the differentiation in our offer.

    Market Position

    We will look to further elevate the market position of the JD fascia and enhance the experience for the customer through continued investment in our physical and digital retail portfolios. We also aim to strengthen and nurture our global branded supplier relationships, whilst also seeking new brand partners which have brands which we can develop and exploit to ensure our overall product range remains unique and appealing and that our stores remain highly differentiated destinations.

    Our core business strength is branded sports fashion and outdoor retail presented in an omnichannel environment. Where we use own brands we will seek to present them as complementary to third party brands giving us additional options in ranging and price architecture. We seek to build very strong market positions and we maintain and defend them by constantly adding to our brand roster and endeavouring to be the partner of choice to as many brands as possible.

    We look to protect profitability by continuing our rigorous approach to margin protection and, whilst we will promote product where appropriate, we aim to avoid short term reactive discounting unnecessarily when our proposition is well differentiated.

    Store Portfolio

    We are engaged in omnichannel retail with the store base being essential to brand awareness, the customers’ overall experience and our ability to provide multiple delivery points. We believe that the combination of a strong brand offering, presented in a premium fitted store with world class standards of retail theatre, are major drivers of footfall to our stores. Therefore, we expect physical retail to maintain its current level of importance.


    The continuing international growth in physical store space is complemented by ongoing investment in our international multichannel capability with a significantly expanded multicurrency website estate. We believe we are creating an industry leading retail business with the best of physical and digital retail combined to give a compelling proposition and enabling our consumers to shop seamlessly across all channels. We believe this multichannel capability is a key differentiator for our business. Overseas, JD has a local language and local currency multichannel offer in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Finland, France, Germany, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Austria and United States.

    Our digital and social media channels are important destinations for our customers with in store digital devices (kiosks, web tills and iPads) giving customers additional options to purchase in store as they enable access to the full product range on the website and the full inventory held in the warehouse.

    We will continue our focus on optimising our digital channels profitably, improving the customer experience, enhancing our multichannel proposition, exploiting group synergies and further rolling out our multichannel offer internationally.

    Investment in New Businesses

    Any new business which we invest in will have relevance to our core strength and all businesses in the Group need to be capable of enhanced profitability in the medium term. Our ultimate objective is to deliver long term sustainable earnings growth to enhance total shareholder returns through share price performance and dividends, whilst retaining our financial capability to invest in the growth and the sustainability of our propositions.

    Environment & Social Responsibility

    The JD Group takes matters of Environment and Social responsibility very seriously. We are always seeking ways in which we can reduce our impact on the environment and protect and increase the wellbeing of the people with whom we engage with at all levels of the business, internally and externally. In working towards our business objectives, we aim to act in a responsible and ethical manner with all our stakeholders, including suppliers, employees and of course, our customers. Further information on initiatives which the JD Group is undertaking to be a responsible company can be found in its Annual Report or on the “Environment & Social” section on this website.

    Further information on how the JD Group assists the community through its registered charity, The JD Foundation, can be found on “The JD Foundation” section on this website.