• One world, one market, one objective:

    Identify and work to eradicate modern slavery in our supply chain

    As a global retailer and manufacturer, we recognise that a major step in our commitment to the eradication of modern slavery is to identify those involved in our manufacturing supply chain and the opportunities this identification brings to effect positive change to thousands of people worldwide.

    Therefore, we have completed the full mapping of our supply chain to our 4th tier private label manufacturing base, as follows:
    • 1st Tier = CMT Site (Factory)
    • 2nd Tier = Mill
    • 3rd Tier = Dye House
    • 4th Tier = Print House

    This information will be published on the JD website, on this page, in the coming months.

    More information on what the JD Group is doing to eradicate Modern Slavery within its supply chain can be found in its Modern Slavery Report.