• The JD Group believes in ensuring efficient use of natural resources by conserving energy, fuel and water where possible. Our Carbon Management Programme has already been highly successful in delivering significant energy and carbon reductions, and we shall continue to undertake investment (both financial and operational time) in projects to reduce our impact on the environment.

    Verification of the Group’s progress on management of our environmental footprint was provided via our score from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) report in January 2019, where the Group improved from a ‘D’ to ‘B’ score, outperforming both the Retail and regional sector average scores. The CDP Score Report allows large organisations to benchmark and compare progress on environmental stewardship against industry peers to continuously improve climate change governance.

    Beyond the CDP score achievement, the Group continues its support of and compliance with the UK Government’s ‘Carbon Reduction Commitment’ legislation via our Carbon Management Programme, designed to reduce our environmental footprint.

    Renewable (green) energy

    JD is proud to use 100% renewable energy in both the UK and Ireland. We are in the process of converting the non-renewable energy useage of our European businesses to accredited green energy contracts and will look to extend this to our business operations in the U.S. and Asia Pacific in the future, wherever local infrastructure permits.

    RE100 – Our commitment to renewable energy

    JD joined the RE100 to show publicly our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and achieving 100% renewable energy useage. JD identified RE100 as being one of the leading organisations committed to 100% renewable power. Members include 170 of the world’s most influential companies including Apple, BMW, Nike, and Sony.

    Through our membership of the RE100, the JD Group is determined to use 100% renewable electricity for our European operations by 2022, with a target for all existing global operations to be renewable by 2025.

    To find out more about the JD Group’s improvement in using renewable energy for our business operations in the U.K. and internationally, please view the case studies below:

    Building management systems reduce energy use by over 10%

    JD has now installed Building Management Systems (BMS) within 316 of our sites. This means the electricity in our stores can be centrally managed. As a result, we installed ‘last person out switches’ (LPOS) in our stores, ensuring no energy is wasted overnight or whilst the store is closed.

    BMS provides remote monitoring via online connection to store equipment (air conditioning, heating etc.), allowing early identification of faults. Fixing equipment and temperature errors quickly reduces the risk of excessive and wasted energy useage, thus reducing our co2 impact.

    The installation of BMS resulted in an average 12.2% energy saving within stores fitted with the technology.

    To find out more about how we try to save energy and reduce co2 emissions, please check out the case study below:

    Further information on our energy policies can be found within our Annual Report.