• The Group has undertaken significant measures to increase its responsibility to manage the impact our businesses and activities have on the environment - both now, and in the future. Such changes have been recognised by our scores within environmental benchmark reports such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, where JD delivered its best ever performance, finishing one grade above the Retail sector average.

    The Group has reviewed and updated its Environmental Policy for 2019, outlining our commitment to:
    • Advancing our reputation as a sustainable organisation through participation and completion of an increased number of industry environmental performance benchmarks
    • Undertaking measures to improve communication on matters of current public and media interest (e.g. plastic useage)
    • Moving our JD European stores to 100% ‘Renewable’ (Green) Energy useage consistent with our current policy in the UK and Republic of Ireland
    To learn more about what the JD Group is doing to minimise its impact on the Environment and to become a more sustainable company, please look at the other pages on this website titled Energy and Sustainability or check out the case studies below.

    Our Annual Report is another source of information which details JD’s policies relating to Environment, Social and Governance issues.

    Suppliers with ideas or innovations that would help to reduce our environmental impact are welcome to contact our Energy and Environment team via newsupplierenquiries@jdplc.com