• Ethical Code of Practice

    The JD Sports Fashion Plc Ethical Code of practice is to establish a procedure for protecting workers and providing assurance that our products are manufactured within safe and fair conditions. The Ethical Code of Practice applies to everything we do and forms part of the contract with us. The people working for our suppliers are to be treated with respect, and their health and safety and basic human rights must be protected and promoted. To find out more about our Ethical Code of Practice, please read the report below:

    Code of Practice Auditing Standards

    The JD Group Code of Conduct defines labour standards that aim to achieve decent and human working conditions. The principles incorporated within this Code of Conduct are based on the International Labour Organisation Standards and internationally accepted good labour practices.

    The Code of Practice Auditing standards is a guide that is referenced during site visits to our private label supply chain to assist in the evaluation process and identified in the JD code of conduct. This audit scope can be found in the pdf document below:Where we have found instances of non-compliance through an audit, these are logged via a Non-Compliance Disclosure Report. We then work with the factory to quickly resolve any issues. The Non-Compliance Disclosure Report for audits conducted from June 2020 – June 2021 can be accessed below: