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Investor relations

Key financial information


  • Record result with headline profit before tax and exceptional items of £244.8 million (2016: £157.1 million) and profit before tax increasing by 81% to £238.4 million (2016: £131.6 million).
  • A third consecutive year of double digit store LFL growth in Sports Fashion.
  • European development accelerated with a net increase of 54 stores (2016: 38 stores) for the JD fascia across Europe.
  • As part of our international strategy, a further two stores in Malaysia opened in the year with a further store opened in the new financial year. The first JD store in Australia is due to open shortly.
  • Blacks and Millets delivered a positive result for the first time and the acquisition of the market leading Go Outdoors business will further develop our overall Outdoors proposition.
  • Period end net cash of £213.6 million (2016: £209.4 million) with the significant investments in the year on both acquisitions, principally Go Outdoors, and capital expenditure funded by the inherently strong cash generative nature of our retail fascias.
  • Total capital expenditure of £88.0 million (2016: £83.5 million) which is expected to increase further in the new financial year as the international rollout of JD continues to gain momentum.
  • Final dividend payable increased by 4.8% to 1.30p (2016 restated: 1.24p) bringing the total dividends payable for the year to 1.55p (2016 restated: 1.48p) per ordinary share, an increase of 4.7%.
Revenue (£m) Profit before tax and exceptional items (£m)
Adjusted basic earnings per ordinary share Total dividend payable per ordinary share

Financial Key Performance Indicators

Revenue 2,378,694 1,821,652 +31%
Gross profit % 48.9% 48.5%  
Operating profit 239,793 133,406 +80%
Operating profit (before exceptional items) 246,212 158,902 +55%
Profit before tax and exceptional items 244,787 157,127 +56%
Profit before tax 238,368 131,631 +81%
Basic earnings per ordinary share (a) 18.38p 10.03p +83%
Adjusted basic earnings per ordinary share (a) 19.04p 12.27p +55%
Total dividend payable per ordinary share 1.55p 1.48p +5%
Net cash at period end (b) 213,600 209,421  
(a) The prior year has been restated to reflect the 5:1 share split which was approved by shareholders at a General Meeting on 24 November 2016
(b) Net cash consists of cash and cash equivalents together with interest-bearing loans and borrowings